This is the original 1970´s Datsun 240Z TV   commercial in the USA:

  Charlie Osborne in Kingston, Canada. He will  go   the extra mile for you to get the parts you need!

  The most detailed website about the 240Z.
   Done by the Z car specialist Carl Beck.
   He will even answer your Email!

  The club that I currently belong too:
  great people, casual atmosphere.         


   If you are looking for a good 240Z:
   ofcourse Ebay or

  That is where I found my Z.

  The most extensive site in Belgium for and by   oldtimer enthousiasts! check all the latest news

   A nice other Datsun Collection Site you
   will find
   from Schmitz Günther

   An other Datsun Site from down under you
   will find on





   With this link you end up with a Dutch Datsun
    fan site:

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